Standard Vinyl Carpet Nosing

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Standard Vinyl Carpet Nosing

Standard vinyl carpet nosing used to apply a factory finished look and 1" wide beveled edge to any on-site custom cut carpet installation.

The 1/8" thick vinyl nosing will give your cut carpet a really nice looking and smooth edge that will help to avoid trip and fall incidents and keep the cut edge of your new carpet from fraying.

Available in bulk rolls of 150' long the nosing comes in five colors. Black is the cheapest but other colors include burgundy, brown, blue and forest green. If you don't need a full roll of 150' you have the option of getting a custom cut length in any color through customer service. Be sure to add at least 5% on custom lengths for cutting, etc. and the adhesives are sold separately.

Stock Number Description Color Weight (Lbs.)
NT-083-Roll-BD Standard Beveled Nosing 150' Roll Burgundy 18.0 lbs.
NT-083-Roll-BK Standard Beveled Nosing 150' Roll Black 18.0 lbs.
NT-083-Roll-BR Standard Beveled Nosing 150' Roll Brown 18.0 lbs.
NT-083-Roll-BU Standard Beveled Nosing 150' Roll Blue 18.0 lbs.
NT-083-Roll-GN Standard Beveled Nosing 150' Roll Forest Green 18.0 lbs.

Available in custom cut lengths through customer service. Please call to order code: NT-083-CUS.

    Bulk Standard Beveled Nosing
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Apply to carpet matting that is cut onsite for a factory-finished appearance
  • Nosing lip is adhered underneath mat
  • Produces the 1" wide beveled border
  • Overall thickness: 1/8"
  • Bulk Roll Size: 150'
  • NT-086 Adhesive is sold separately
  • Custom lengths available through customer service
  • Available Colors: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Blue
  • Black is the standard color - All other colors are sold at a premium price
  • Shipping Location: Calhoun, GA 30701
  • Also available: NT-083-KIT 25' of Nosing, 4 ounce can of adhesive and roller