#370 Oversized Entranceway Matting

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#370 Oversized Entranceway Mat
#370 Oversized Entranceway Mat #370 Oversized Entranceway Mat #370 Oversized Entranceway Mat

This item is sold by the square foot. Take your length and multiple it by your width to obtain the total square feet of your mat. You can order sizes in less than full foot increments however you will be billed for the next full foot up in size. For example a mat that is 6' 6" wide will count as a mat that is 7' wide.

The maximum width is 12' but 8' wide transports and ships easier.

Mat is completely assembled at the factory and sold by the square foot. Use the quantity box to enter the total number of square feet in your mat rounded up to next full foot. For example if you're mat is going to be 5.5' x 8' that would be equal to 6x8 or 48 square feet. We will also need a fax copy of the mat showing the traffic pattern and the exact dimensions of your mat. You can fax your sketch to our sales fax line at 508-393-6688.

Note: This is the only mat on our site sold by the square foot and not by the linear foot. Length is the mat measurement from the door opening to the end of the mat. Width is the mat measurement from the left side of the mat to the right side of the mat.

    #370 Oversized Entrance Mat
  • Specially crafted for oversized entrance ways.
  • 45oz of yarn per sq yard of berber needle punch.
  • Rubber backing is textured for minimal movement.
  • Overall thickness is 7/16 inch.
  • Select from five popular colors.
  • Heat sealed edges standard. Optional beveled edges available and priced by the linear foot.
  • Orders must be accompanied by a sketch clearly indicating width, length and direction of traffic flow. Please contact customer service for assistance.
  • Sold by the square foot. Enter the total square feet of your space as the quantity. Round up to the nearest full foot. For example 2.5' x 2.5' would be 3' x 3' or 9 Square Feet.
  • Being a custom mat the easiest way to order is contact one of our customer care experts. Color Samples are always available free of charge before you order.
Accessory Items:

Beveled ramp style beveled edge nosing can be added at the factory. Price per foot.

Price: $15.20