Non-Slip & Safety Mats

Slip-Resistant Matting

Here at MatsEtc, Safety is our number one priority. We off a large variety of anti-slip and safety mats so we are sure to have a solution thatís right for your application. We offer anything from shower and locker room anti-slip mats all the way to military grade switchboard safety mats and everything in between. Mats start as small as 2í x 3í all the way up to full length runners.

Below you will find the categories of non-slip and safety mats broken down to the applications in which they are most commonly used. A lot of these mats are interchangeable and can fill the needs of many applications and are not necessarily limited to one area or industry. An example of this would be the mats commonly used in the food industry can work for both an industrial setting or in a commercial kitchen. This can be a little confusing so we cross listed some items to help you identify their various uses. If you have any questions whatsoever a customer service rep is waiting to assist you in finding the right mat for you!

Our large number of non-slip mats include, but is not limited to, shower/locker room mats, wet area anti-fatigue, grease and chemical resistant, anti-static, switchboard mats, runner matting and outdoor mats. We offer custom sizes by the foot in almost every mat! Contact customer service for more information.

Category Contents
Versa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor Tiles
New! Interlocking Floor Tiles
19 5/8" x 19/58" PVC Tiles
Fast & Easy Installation
From $10.40
Slip Resistant Traction Strips
Special Non-Slip, non-skid traction strips with self-adhesive backing for areas like ramps, incline walkways, passageways.
From "Options" "160: 1\" x 60' Roll (+$21.30)" "260: 2\" x 60' Roll (+$42.30)" "360: 3\" x 60' Roll (+$63.30)" "460: 4\" x 60' Roll (+$84.15)" "660: 6\" x 60' Roll (+$126.53)" "" "1260: 12\" x 60' Roll (+$251.40)" "2460: 24\" x 60' Roll (+$502.50)" "" "5555: 5.5\" x 5.5\" - 50 Pack (+$55.95)" "3424: .75\" x 24\" - 50 Pack (+$48.15)" "624: 6\" x 24\" - 50 Pack (+$237.60)"
Mat Hold
Stops vinyl backed mats from Creeping!
From "Sizes Available" "2100: 2' x 100' (+$372.00)" "3100: 3' x 100' (+$559.00)" "" "CUS-2: 2' Wide Price / foot (+$4.95)" "CUS-3: 3' Wide Price / foot (+$6.95)"