Salon Decor Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Salon Decor Anti-Fatigue Mat
Salon Decor Anti-Fatigue MatSalon Decor Anti-Fatigue MatSalon Decor Anti-Fatigue MatSalon Decor Anti-Fatigue MatSalon Decor Anti-Fatigue Mat

Appearance and style is your profession. No longer do you have to settle for a salon mat that doesn’t complement the decor of your salon. Salon Décor anti-fatigue mats are available in five fashionable designs in a black/grey color scheme to create a stylish product that will look great in your salon.

It is hard to believe anti-fatigue mats that look this good are also tough as nails, but it is true. The Salon Décor mat’s woven PVC top surface is stain resistant, resistant to punctures from shoe heels and easy to sweep clean. The industrial strength cushion backing will not crush flat and will keep your feet and legs comfortable even after a long day of standing. You can expect years of performance from these stylish mats.

Cleaning Salon Décor mats is quick and easy! Simply spray the mats with a mild surface cleaner and wipe off. Hair trimmings sweep effortlessly off the face of the mats, leaving you with less time cleaning, and more time attending to your clientele.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
A591-203 22" x 32" x 3/4" - Shampoo Mat 6 lbs.
A591-305 34" x 59" x 3/4" - Rectangle 15 lbs.
A591-306 34" x 70" x 3/4" - Rectangle 17 lbs.
A591-305-OV 34" x 59" x 3/4" - 1/2 Oval 13 lbs.
A591-306-OV 34" x 70" x 3/4" - 1/2 Oval 15 lbs.

    Salon Décor Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Five designs in a fashionable Black/Grey color scheme complements all decors
  • Durable woven PVC top is stain and “high heel” resistant
  • Premium Nitrile rubber cushion extends all the way to the beveled edge maximizing the standing area
  • The top surface of the mat is molded to the back cushion, not glued, so the top will not separate
  • Mat thickness is 3/4”
  • Hair trimmings sweep off easily
  • Easy to clean. Spray with mild surface cleaner and wipe off.
  • Recommended for beauty and barber shops