Runner Matting

Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber and Wet Area Runner Matting

The proper runner floor mat fulfills a variety of purposes including floor protection, aid in the reduction of slips and fall accidents, and help in reducing noise and vibration from machinery or carts. MatsETC offers four different options for runner matting; Carpet runners, Vinyl runners, Rubber runners, and Wet area runners.

The proper vinyl and rubber floor mats are ideal for industrial or office areas. The low profiles make it easy to roll carts over. Vinyl runner mats or rubber runner mats are great for protecting gym floors too. Use them in front of your bleachers or under team benches to protect the floor.

For more of an industrial setting, use anti-fatigue runner matting. Workers will be safer from slip and fall accidents and they will be more comfortable. Getting them off the concrete will keep their backs, feet, and legs feeling better and increase their productivity!

Most of our anti-fatigue mats, switchboard, anti-static mats, and food service mats are available as runners. Donít see what youíre looking for? Contact customer service and they can help you find the right runners for you!

Custom sizes are available by the foot in almost every runner, please call a rep for assistance.

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