OptiMA Eco-Friendly Products

MatsEtc.com has been receiving requests for "green mats" and recycled products for some time now. We have worked tirelessly with our manufacturers and their factories and are extremely proud to be able to offer a full line of floor matting that will act as an effective first step towards a green building.

The OptiMA Eco-friendly line of products includes items that are considered "green" this means that it is made with post consumer recycled materials and or without toxic chemicals. Furthermore, these items may be cleaned without chemicals, they save on cleaning costs, water use and create a healthier indoor environment for those who use them. The Eco-Friendly line features durable mats that last longer and clean easier then our competitions.

Q: Are floor mats considered green?

A: No, in fact floor mats themselves are not considered green and we don't want you to think that. We want to educate you about how an effective floor matting system contributes to a green cleaning environment, this is to say that an effective floor matting system will reduce the amount of pollutants that enter a building on the feet of it's entrants by scraping and trapping debris and moisture.

Green industry experts agree that a properly place and quality entrance matting plays a significant role in the success of a green cleaning program. Floor matting is a tool used to achieve a greener facility, it is not a green product itself.

Q: What about MatsETC.com's mats that don't have the Eco-Friendly tag?

A: Not having the Eco-friendly tag does not mean that the mats are not good; we just reserve the tag for the top rated floor mats for use in a highly efficient entrance matting system for green cleaning and green buildings. This means that the entrance mats with this tag are the most durable and the best at removing dirt and moisture from incoming foot traffic.

We are proud to offer our customer's this line of Eco-friendly mats which you will find will last longer, clean easier and contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.

For an entrance mat to be included in our OptiMA Eco-Friendly line they must meet several criteria. The mats must be our most effective at both scraping and trapping dirt and moisture from foot traffic.

  • The mats must be among our most durable mats. When a mat wears out, it becomes ineffective and gets thrown out adding to an already growing landfill problem.
  • These mats must be able to be installed and cleaned without harmful chemicals.
  • All mats must rate high in minimizing slip and fall hazards with dirt and water retention and solid footing.
  • Mats must be eligible for credit on the LEED green building checklist.

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OptiMA Eco-Friendly Products