#835 Military Switchboard Mat Type 2

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Military Switchboard Mat Type 2
Military Switchboard Mat Type 2Military Switchboard Mat Type 2Military Switchboard Mat Type 2

NoTrax® #835, type 2 Military Switchboard mats meets the MIL-DTL-15562G specification for insulating, switchboard matting, and sheet floor covering and is approved for use by the Department of the Navy and all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense.

This Type 2 non-conductive floor matting is designed to provide insulation that prevents the worker from being grounded, thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock. The mat has a Class 2 Di-electric Strength of 30,000 volts with a proof test of 20,000 volts. The recommended maximum is 3,000 volts.

#835 Military Switchboard Matting is fire retardant. These mats are designed for use around electrical apparatus and circuits in the commercial marine industry as well as the military and avionics.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-835-375-BL 3' x 75' x 1/8" Roll, Black 246 lbs.
NT-835-375-BU 3' x 75' x 1/8" Roll, Blue 246 lbs.

*Custom cut lengths available in 3' widths up to 75' in length. Please contact customer service to order.

    #835 Military Switchboard Mat Type 2
  • Electrically Insulative Type 2 PVC compound
  • Fire retardant
  • Smooth surface - Easy to sweep or mop clean
  • Each square foot of this matting is tested in conformance with MIL-DTL-15562G specifications:
    • Class 2 Di-electric Strength: 30,000 volts
    • Proof test of 20,000 volts
    • Recommended maximum use voltage: 3,000
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue
  • Overall Thickness: 1/8"
  • Roll Size: 3' x 75'
  • Custom Size: Available in 3' width up to 75'. Contact customer service to order
  • Shipping Location: Moselle, MS 39459