Mallard Duck Entrance Mats

SKU: A812-406-MD
Price: $170.25
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Mallard Duck Entrance Mats
Mallard Duck Entrance MatsMallard Duck Entrance Mats

Mallard Duck Entrance Mats - Part of our Wildlife Series from the Andersen Company.

The image on these mallard duck entrance mats is so handsome that you really won't want to wipe your feet on them. You can almost hear the wings flapping against the bodies of these graceful birds.

This work of art is created by the renowned Wild Things® artist Scot Storm. The artwork on all of our wildlife entrance mats is created by five different artist like Scot. You'll also find images by artist such as Rosemary Millette, David A. Maass, Sam Timm and Mark Susinno.

The actual size of the mat is approximately 43.5" x 68" and the print is applied horizontally. The backing is a sturdy SBR rubber and the borders are rubber as well.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Stock Number Mat Size Actual Size Weight (Lbs.)
A812-406-MD 4' x 6' 43.5" x 68" 13

    Mallard Duck Wildlife Entrance Mats
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Artist: Scot Storm
  • Actual Size: Approximately 43.5" x 68"
  • Print Layout: Horizontal
  • SBR Rubber backing contains 20% recycled content
  • Black rubber borders
  • Backed by Andersen's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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