Versa-Tile™ Premium Interlocking Vinyl Floor Tiles

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Versa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor Tiles
Versa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor TilesVersa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor TilesVersa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor TilesVersa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor TilesVersa-Tile Interlocking Vinyl Floor Tiles

Versa-Tile™ truly is a revolutionary interlocking PVC vinyl tile. For a quick, easy, high quality flooring solution look no further. This is a perfect solution for any garage, gym, locker room, warehouse, storefront, laundry rooms, showroom, and the list goes on!

Tile Size is 19 5/8" x 19 5/8" and each tile is 2.6 square feet.

Installation is a breeze with no need for glue or adhesives, even over cracked or uneven floors. The tiles simply lay flat and are hammered together with a rubber mallet. The excess tile can be cut off with a straight edge and a box cutter knife. These interlocking tiles fit nice and snug and are sure to stay that way throughout their life.

Versa-Tile™ interlocking PVC vinyl tiles are a high quality, durable solution. Made from tough PVC vinyl, they are easy to clean, and resistant to mold, mildew, oil and most chemicals. The PVC effectively holds back humidity that can cause mildew and mold. These are made from 100% recycled materials and they themselves are recyclable! These tiles are guaranteed never to rot or be damaged by plumbing leaks or floods.

There are multiple design options available with 13 different colors and either textured or coin tops to choose from! You can choose a solid color floor or get creative and throw some color in. The sky is the limit with Versa-Tile™ Interlocking PVC vinyl tiles.

  • Safety- Protects existing flooring from spills, vibrations, and impacts
  • Comfort- Provides superior acoustic and thermal insulation, feeling warm underfoot
  • Flexibility- Tiles are easy to remove and relay to accommodate your needs
  • Performance- Anti-slip, fatigue relieving, and perfect for high traffic areas!
  • Sustainability - Made for 100% recycled materials & 100% recycle-able
  • Durability - 30 year Guarantee never to rot or be damaged from plumbing leaks or floods
Colors can change slightly batch to batch, so to ensure a color match, should you ever need additional tiles, It is recommended to purchase at least 5% over your required coverage. Call for pricing special pricing on areas over 1000sqft.


Stock Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
NT-1919 19 5/8" x 19 5/8" 4.2 Lbs
4 Tiles Interlocked 38 7/8" x 38 7/8" 16.8 Lbs

  • Tile Size: 19 5/8" x 19 5/8"
  • Interlocking PVC Vinyl Tiles
  • Thirteen Colors
  • Two Surface Textures
  • Easy Installation - All you need is a mallet, a straight edge, and utility knife
  • Easy to clean! Just use a damp mop and mild detergents
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, oils and most chemicals
  • Made from 100% recycled, and recyclable materials
  • Will never rot or be damaged by water
  • Tough injection molded PVC
  • Provides superior thermal & acoustic insulation
  • Made in the USA!