Industrial Safety Mats

Industrial Safety Mats

Here at, we have a wide variety of industrial safety mats to fit your needs. We offer a variety of different styles, surfaces, lengths, and thicknesses for different applications. Among these styles are industrial anti-fatigue mats for wet and dry applications, anti-static mats, switchboard mats, and runner matting. We also offer safety message mats and slip resistant traction strips.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed specifically to reduce fatigue which can be caused by standing in the same spot for long periods of time on a hard surface such as a cement shop floor, a tiled floor behind a cash register or customer service counter. Our anti-static floor mats are formulated to absorb static electricity and prevent static shocks. We all know that static shocks hurt and they can not only bring pain and harm to employees but also to sensitive office equipment.

Non-conductive switchboard mats are designed to provide insulation for the worker and thus prevent electrical shock. The mats are made from a PVC compound that prevents the worker from being grounded, thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock. Most of the mats mentioned above are available in runners or custom sizes

Our key focus with industrial mats is safety, durability, and functionality. Give your employees added safety, increased comfort, and improve their productivity in the workplace with our line of industrial safety mats today!

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