Household Floor Mats

Home Floor Mats

Here at we have been proudly offering high quality commercial and industrial floor matting since 1987. Over the years we have constantly been asked for more household versions of our commercial mats but they simply didn't exist. From time to time we would have a customer use one of our industrial mats in their home and they would function great but the look probably left much to be desired.

Introducing a line of household mats all designed from the same popular commercial mats we have been selling for years but with a style and flair that won't look so industrial. You'll find door mats for indoor use at the front door, garage entrance, mud rooms and the back door. You’ll find poolside drainage mats and door mats for use outdoors too.

We offer elegant, colorful, whimsical and functional door mats designed for use in your home by one of the best manufacturers of commercial type entrance mats. Some mats are designed for indoor use only but others can definitely be used either indoors or outdoors.

Category Contents
Knee Rx Kneeling Pad
Comfort when kneeling for long periods
From $19.95
Economy Workshop Mats
1/2" PVC closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort
From "Choose Style" "203-BL: 2' x 3' Black (+$25.00)" "206-BL: 2' x 6' Black (+$35.52)" "304-BL: 3' x 4' Black (+$35.52)" "305-BL: 3' x 5' Black (+$44.40)" "306-BL: 3' x 6' Black (+$53.28)"
Workshop Mats
9/16" Vinyl diamond-plate surface over dense closed cell foam base
From "Available Sizes" "203-BL: 2' x 3' Black (+$44.40)" "305-BL: 3' x 5' Black (+$110.99)"
Vinyl Looped Drainage Mat
Slip Resistance with Open Back Design for Drainage.
From "Choose Size" "305: 3' x 5' (+$127.89)" "406: 4' x 6' (+$204.62)" "" "360: 3' x 60' (+$1534.68)" "460: 4' x 60' (+$2046.24)" "Color" "BL: Black" "BR: Brown" "GY: Gray" "LG: Leaf Green" "NB: Navy Blue"