Ribbed Entrance Mats - Heritage #117

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Heritage Rib Mats 117
Heritage Rib Mats 117Heritage Rib Mats 117Heritage Rib Mats 117Heritage Rib Mats 117Heritage Rib Mats 117

Our #117 Heritage™ Rib Entrance Mats are probably one of the most popular styles for entrance mats on the market today.

The Heritage Rib entrance mat offers an advanced barrier that reduces slips plus reduces grime from passing foot traffic making these the ideal entrance mats. These medium to heavy traffic entrance mats are essential for any area that needs extra moisture retention and scraping action. Our Heritage Rib mats have 33% more carpet than many of the competitor's "best" rib mats. They are 3/8" thick and a full 24 ounces of needle punched yarn per square yard and come with a sturdy vinyl backing.

Colors: Hunter Green, Gray, Brown, Red-Black and Charcoal

Recommended Uses: Indoor Entrance ways with Medium Traffic - Water Fountain Areas - Vending Areas

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-117-203 2' x 3' Mat 6 lbs.
NT-117-304 3' x 4' Mat 11 lbs.
NT-117-305 3' x 5' Mat 13 lbs.
NT-117-306 3' x 6' Mat 15 lbs.
NT-117-310 3' x 10' Mat 25 lbs.
NT-117-406 4' x 6' Mat 20 lbs.
NT-117-408 4' x 8' Mat 26 lbs.
NT-117-360 3' x 60' Roll 155 lbs.
NT-117-460 4' x 60' Roll 205 lbs.
NT-117-660 6' x 60' Roll 310 lbs.

Custom length mats are available in 3', 4' & 6' widths up to 60 feet long. Call to order.

    Heritage #117
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • A dual-ribbed, needle-punched carpet system makes for very good scraping action.
  • Stock sizes ship in about 3 working days, custom orders ship in 5 to 7 working days.
  • 26 ounces of carpet per square yard.
  • Overall thickness of 3/8".
  • Vinyl backing reduces movement.
  • Ribs run the length of the floor mats.
  • Heritage Rib® has 33% more carpet than many competitors’ "best" Rib mats.
  • Passes Flammability Test DOC-FF-1-70.
  • Where to Use: Indoor – Entrance ways, lobbies, all medium traffic areas.
  • Shipping Location: Calhoun, GA 30701
  • Custom Lengths are available. To order please contact customer service for assistance.