Custom Replacement Mats for Recessed Wells and Foyers

Recessed Area

We offer a variety of recessed entrance mats for your facility. These stylish mats are made to size for your entrance's recess and they are made without the standard beveled edge that is found on mats for surface placement.

The Notrax recessed floor mats offer an unbeatable combination of style and function. With their subtly elegant, upscale look, these recessed floor mats will become an integral part of a facility entryway. The Arrow Trax entrance mat and the Smart Step with Nylon entrance mat are the two recessed floor mats that are listed below. Both recessed floor mats come in a variety of colors and are custom sized to your specifications.

We also offer the #266 1/2" vinyl loop floor mat that can substitute for a recessed floor mat. It is the perfect 1/2" depth and it comes in a variety of colors. You can also easily cut the mat into place for that perfect fit into your recess.

Category Contents
Ribbed Vinyl and Carpet Strip Recessed Mat
Recess Depth of 3/8" to 1/2"
Allow 9/16" Door Clearance
From "Choose Style" "NP: No Perforations (+$19.27)" "WP: With Perforations (+$21.00)" "Color" "BL: Black" "BR: Brown" "BU: Blue" "GY: Gray"
Smart Step with Arrow Trax
Recess Depth of 3/8" to 1/2"
Allow 9/16" Door Clearance
From "Choose Style" "NP: Perforations (+$24.27)" "WP: With Perforations (+$26.80)" "Color" "AB: Autumn Brown" "CH: Charcoal Black" "GN: Hunter Green" "GY: Misty Gray"
#221 Premier Tiles
18" x 18" Entrance Mat Tiles
Three Patterns
From "Choose Size" "514: 1/4\" Geometric 12/Cs (+$195.00)" "714: 1/4\" Diagonal 12/Cs (+$195.00)" "814: 1/4\" Diamond 12/Cs (+$195.00)" "" "5716: 7/16\" Geometric 10/Cs (+$213.00)" "7716: 7/16\" Diagonal 10/Cs(+$213.00)" "8716: 7/16\" Diamond 10/Cs (+$213.00)" "Color" "0: Black Smoke" "1: Indigo" "2: Southern Pine" "3: Gray Ash" "4: Maroon" "5: Chestnut Brown" "6: Khaki" "7: Regal Red"
#370 Oversized Entranceway Mat
Sold by the Square Foot.
From $10.85