Doggie Butler Pet Food Mat

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Doggie Butler
Doggie ButlerDoggie ButlerDoggie Butler

The Doggie Butler pet food mat works as the perfect mealtime tray for keeping food from man's best friend from ending up all over your kitchen floor. Use the Doggie Butler pet food mat under your petís food and water bowls or under food stands. The mat is made with an absorbent carpet surface that sucks up water from spills while a smooth top surface design makes for easy clean up. There are no textured areas for food to get caught so clean up is a snap. The Doggie Butler has a raised lip perimeter that keeps bowls securely on the mat, and prevents stray food and water from leaking onto the floor. A rubber backing helps to keep the mat in place. Doggie Butler pet food mats are available in a variety of stylish colors including burgundy, slate blue, charcoal and hunter green.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-C03S-1424-BD 14" x 24" Burgundy 3.1
NT-C03S-1424-BR 14" x 24" Brown 3.1
NT-C03S-1424-BU 14" x 24" Slate Blue 3.1
NT-C03S-1424-CH 14" x 24" Charcoal 3.1
NT-C03S-1424-GN 14" x 24" Hunter Green 3.1

    Doggie Butler
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Absorbent carpet surface sucks up water from spills
  • Smooth design top surface for easy clean up
  • Raised lip perimeter to keep bowls in place and stray food on the mat
  • Rubber backing prevents mat from moving
  • Available Colors: Slate Blue, Burgundy, Brown, Hunter Green, Charcoal
  • Overall Thickness: 1/2" at Perimeter and 3/8" at Top Surface
  • Stock Sizes: 14" x 24" (Inside Dimensions 12" x 22")
  • Tip: Simply vacuum or lightly hose off to clean.
  • Where to Use: Pet feeding area
  • Shipping Location: Chicago, IL 60638