Anti-fatigue Mats for Dry Areas

Dry Anti-Fatigue Mats

The right anti-fatigue safety mat will alleviate foot pressure, help to stimulate blood circulation and reduce stress on your lower back helping you to work longer with less fatigue. Less worker fatigue means better productivity, less mistakes and possibly even less accidents but you need the right mat for dry work environments and that's where we can help. We offer three different styles of dry anti-fatigue mats:

Heavy duty anti-fatigue mats with a sturdy laminate as a top surface. Applications might include multi-shift operations in dry work areas, work stations or assembly lines. These heavy duty mats are solid enough to stand up to sparks from welding operations as well.

Foam style anti-fatigue mats for use in dry areas. Foam type anti-fatigue mats are made of a variety of different types of foams including high quality polyurethane foams, closed cell PVC, and others like Superfoam® which is a super durable mat made from a closed cell PVC Nitrile foam blend. Foam mats provide greater comfort and exceptional durability. Applications include places like assembly lines, workstations, manufacturing, laboratories, service counters and home workshops.

Heavy duty molded rubber and PVC anti-fatigue mats made for dry work environments where comfort and durability are critical. Modular and stand alone rubber anti-fatigue matting systems with a variety of surface options and designed to enhance the comfort and ergonomic support of the mat.

Almost any of our industrial anti-fatigue safety mats can be ordered in custom lengths. You'll find that most of our standard size mats will ship from the factory in about 3 to 4 working days while custom sizes or orders containing custom items usually ship in just over a week.

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Salon Decor Anti-Fatigue Mat
The perfect accent to your salon décor.
From "Size" "203: 2' x 3' Mat (+$53.95)" "305: 3' x 5' Rectangle (+$132.95)" "306: 3' x 6' Rectangle (+$157.95)" "305: 3' x 5' 1/2 Oval (+$132.95)" "306: 3' x 6' 1/2 Oval (+$157.95)" "Style" "BO: Botanical" "GK: Greek Key" "DA: Damask" "VS: Vintage Square" "TX: Textured"