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Anti-static floor mats are formulated to absorb static electricity and prevent static shocks. We all know that static shocks hurt and they can not only bring pain and harm to employees but also to sensitive office equipment.

You know that you really need to have an anti-static mat on the floor all year long but we all know that the winter months can be the worst time of the year for static shocks and static buildup. That's because the air is colder and so much dryer. It creates the perfect conditions for static shock. Our line of anti-static floor mats will protect you all year round and help to stop those nasty static shocks.

Do you know the difference between conductive and non-conductive floor mats? Conductive or anti-static mats are made and formulated to absorb static electricity and stop static shocks. Simple things such as working at your work bench, walking on the carpet or even sitting on certain types of stools creates static electricity. If you don't do anything about it eventually the static charge could pass from the worker to sensitive equipment potentially creating damage to expensive electrical components and equipment. You need to use the proper mats that drain static charge from the worker thereby safeguarding equipment.

Our #825 Cushion-Stat™ with Dyna-Shield® Anti-Static Mat will handle most common office applications. That is why our #825 is also our most popular anti-static mat. It is relatively cheap and it does the job.

Some business applications will require a grounding cord to insure that no static electricity is generated or passed onto sensitive equipment or to the employee. Use our #826 Diamond Stat™ for these applications.

Non-conductive matting is different. This type of mat is formulated to provide insulation for the worker, preventing the worker from being grounded and thereby preventing electrical shock. These are also called switchboard mats. In certain industries, this safety switchboard mat may be the only must have mat in your whole building! Use these mats near any high voltage equipment and to be 100% effective it should be considered for replacement every year.

Category Contents
#825 Cushion-Stat
Anti-static / Dissipating
with Dyna-Shield®
From "Choose Size" "203: 2' x 3' Mat (+$33.18)" "" "305: 3' x 5' Mat (+$82.95)" "310: 3' x 10' Mat (+$165.90)" "" "360: 3' x 60' Roll (+$904.68)" "460: 4' x 60' Roll (+$1206.24)" "Color" "BL: Black" "BR: Brown" "BY: Black Yellow" "GY: Gray"
#826 Diamond Stat
Anti-static / Dissipative with Grommet Insert for Grounding
From "Choose Size" "203: 2' x 3' (+$89.73)" "305: 3' x 5' (+$224.33)" "312: 3' x 12' (+$538.38)" "" "375: 3' x 75' (+$3364.88)"
#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD
3/4" Thick 3' x 3' Modular Mat
ESD - Dissipative
Made in the U.S.A.
From $140.85
#661 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD Mat
3/4" Thick 3' x 3' Modular Mat
ESD - Dissipative (Solid)
Made in the U.S.A.
From $140.85
#654 M.D. Ramp for Modular Mats
Ramp System for 660 and 661 Anti-static Modular Mats
From $15.66
Anti-static Mat Grounding Cord
Designed for use with anti-static floor mats that routes static electricity away from the worker to a common grounding point.
Price $18.00