783 Sof-Tyle™ Antimicrobial Anti-Fatigue Mat

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783 Sof-Tyle Antimicrobial Anti-Fatigue Mat
783 Sof-Tyle Antimicrobial Anti-Fatigue Mat783 Sof-Tyle Antimicrobial Anti-Fatigue Mat783 Sof-Tyle Antimicrobial Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Sof-Tyle™ Antimicrobial anti-fatigue floor mat combines a durable vinyl top surface with a closed cell foam backing that provides the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic support for workers required to stand for extended periods of time.

An EPA registered antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungus is manufactured directly into both the vinyl top surface and the foam backing. This ensures that the antimicrobial properties won’t wear-off over time like many post applied topical agents.

Like all NoTrax® laminate floor mats, Sof-Tyle™ utilizes RedStop™ non-slip backing technology which keeps the mat from moving on smooth surface flooring that is commonly found in these environments. Although intended for use in dry environments, the vinyl top surface is easy to wipe clean and the closed-cell foam backing will not absorb fluids so occasional spills can be wiped up quickly and easily without soaking into the mat.

Stock Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
NT-783-302-GN 3' x 2' Mat 8.5 Lbs.
NT-783-306-GN 3' x 6' Mat 25 Lbs.

    783 Sof-Tyle™
  • Antimicrobial formula resists most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
  • Durable vinyl top surface easy to wipe clean using most hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants
  • Combined with dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology
  • UniFusion™ bond guaranteed for the life of the mat – See warranty for details
  • Sloped beveled edges to reduce trip hazards and allows easy access onto and off of mat
  • RedStop™ non-slip backing to eliminate mat slippage
  • Lightweight, easy to move to clean the floor underneath
  • Available Colors: Healthcare Green
  • Overall Thickness: 3/4"
  • Stock Sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 6'
  • For use in Sensitive environments where antimicrobial properties and heavy-duty durability are required
  • Shipping Location - Moselle, MS 39459