#660 Niru Cushion-Ease® ESD Modular Mat

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#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD
#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD#660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD

Cushion-Ease® ESD Dissipative static control floor mats are part of the Solutions™ family of products. This specially formulated rubber floor mat is designed to drain static electricity from the worker safeguarding sensitive machinery and delicate circuitry.

Large holes provide excellent drainage and aeration when used in wet environments leaving a dry, clean work area. All Cushion-Ease® mats have a male/female interlocking system and are compatible with NoTrax® M.D. Ramps for easy on-site custom configurations and trip-resistant platforms.

Cushion-Ease® ESD mats can be combined with other Cushion-Ease® family products for a variety of custom configuration options. These mats can be used in commercial and manufacturing applications that require anti-fatigue relief while working with delicate circuitry or components. They also provided a safer work environment for applications where static discharge can be a hazard.

Stock Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
NT-660-303-BL 3' x 3' x 3/4" - Black Mat 33 Lbs.

    #660 Niru Cushion-Ease ESD
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Base compound - 100% Nitrile rubber specially formulated to drain static electricity
  • A unique multi-nib support design offers exceptional fatigue relief and aeration
  • Large hole drainage system keeps moisture and debris away from the worker platform
  • Easy to snap together modular matting system for on-site custom configurations
  • Optional nitrile rubber ramps available for trip-resistant platform (551 M.D. Ramp System®)
  • Can be mixed and matched with any of the Cushion-Ease® family mats
  • (ESD) Dissipative - measured resistance Rg 106 - 109 Ω/Rp 106 - 109 Ω
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 3/4"
  • Stock Sizes: 3' x 3'
  • Shipping Location: Chicago, IL 60638
Accessory Items:
SKU: NT-654

Ramp System for 660 and 661 Anti-static Modular Mats

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