#523 Modular Lok-Tyle Shower Area Matting

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#523 Shower Tiles
#523 Shower Tiles#523 Shower Tiles#523 Shower Tiles#523 Shower Tiles#523 Shower Tiles

Modular Lok-Tyle tiles are 12" x 12" square modular shower tiles that come in a variety of colors. The tiles snap firmly together to form the perfect dry, anti-slip shower area mats.

With it's open grid diamond pattern, the tile design allows moisture to escape and for super easy on-site custom configurations.

Our Modular Lok-Tyle system is recommended for shipping departments, locker rooms, shower areas and other light duty and wet work environments.

Note: Tiles (1212), Ramps or edge strips (212) and the Corners (22) are all available in different colors and are ordered separately. Some people prefer a different colored side ramp and corners so they stand out. The colored tiles with the caution yellow really stands out.

Colors: Black, Blue, Green and Yellow.

All modular shower tiles, edge ramps and ramp corners must be ordered separately.

Stock Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
NT-523-1212 12" x 12" Tile 1 lb.
NT-523-212 2" x 12" Edge Strip .25 lbs.
NT-523-22 2" x 2" Corner Piece .04 lbs.

    #523 Modular Lok-Tyle Shower Area Matting
  • Constructed of tough flexible vinyl material
  • 12" x 12" Square Modular Tiles
  • Tiles easily snap together for on-site configuration.
  • Open grid & raised knobs offer drainage & traction.
  • Tiles are 9/16 inch thick.
  • Designed to allow water flow under the mat.
  • Snap-together beveled ramps and corners available.
  • Order tiles, ramps and corners separately.
  • Mix and match colors for better visibility.
  • Made in the U.S.A.