#545 Diamond Top Interlocking Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Interlocking Mats
Interlocking MatsInterlocking MatsInterlocking Mats

Interlocking rubber anti-fatigue mats made from SBR rubber. These are our #545 Diamond top interlocking anti-fatigue mats. They have an SBR rubber top surface with molded air pockets on the bottom to provide traction and buoyancy.

You can order the 545 Diamond Top mat in three versions:

  • As a "single" work station mat with beveled edges on all four sides.
  • With interlocking teeth at one end and beveled edges on only 3 sides to serve as an "end" mat.
  • With interlocking teeth at both ends to serve as a "center" mat

These mats offer continuous lengths with it's molded interlocking tooth feature so you can create a fatigue mat as long as you need it.

Recommended uses: assembly lines, heavy machine areas, picking lines, welding areas and other heavy duty-dry work areas.

Available in black only.

Stock Sizes: Ends, Centers and Singles in two sizes of 28" x 31" & 36" x 31". Use individual mat pieces to build your own custom length mats. You must indicate for each piece if it is a single mat, center piece or end piece.

Stock Number Mat Size Description Weight (Lbs.)
NT-545-2831-SM 28" x 31" x 1/2" Mat Single Mat 10 lbs.
NT-545-2831-EM 28" x 31" x 1/2" Mat End Section 10 lbs.
NT-545-2831-CM 28" x 31" x 1/2" Mat Center Section 10 lbs.
NT-545-3631-SM 36" x 31" x 1/2" Mat Single Mat 14 lbs.
NT-545-3631-EM 36" x 31" x 1/2" Mat End Section 14 lbs.
NT-545-3631-CM 36" x 31" x 1/2" Mat Center Section 14 lbs.

    #545 Diamond Top Interlocking Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Durable solid rubber construction.
  • Diamond deck plate design increases traction.
  • Interlocking teeth allow for any length you need.
  • Overall thickness 1/2 inch.
  • Sturdy waffle pattern bottom provides maximum comfort.
  • Available in 3 versions: Single mat, Middle Section and End Piece.
  • Beveled edges on all outside edges for safety.
  • Available in a 28" or 36" width.
  • Store extra sections on-site so sections damaged by forklift, etc. Can quickly and easily be replaced.
  • Where to Use: Wet or dry environments where long runs of anti-fatigue matting are needed.
  • Shipping Location: Chicago, IL 60638
    Available in Three Options
  • SM: Single Mat - Beveled Edges on All Four Sides - No Interlock Design
  • EM: End Section - Beveled Edges on 3 Sides. Interlocking design on one side.
  • CM: Center Section - Beveled Edges on 2 Sides. Interlocking design on both ends.