#543 Cushion-Tred™ Grease Proof Anti-fatigue Mats

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#543 Cushion-Tred Grease Proof Anti-Fatigue Mat
#543 Cushion-Tred Grease Proof Anti-Fatigue Mat#543 Cushion-Tred Grease Proof Anti-Fatigue Mat#543 Cushion-Tred Grease Proof Anti-Fatigue Mat

Rubber anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats in black or red. #543 Cushion-Tred™ Nitrile Rubber Floor Mats are specially designed for industrial and food preparation environments.

The Red Nitrile rubber compound resists animal fats commonly found in food service areas as well as a number of other chemicals, greases and oils.

Manufactured with MicroStop™ antimicrobial rubber compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment (red only)

Excellent as anti-slip mats and anti-fatigue mats. Large holes allow quick drainage of moisture and keep liquids below foot level.

You can use the 12" black connectors to create the layout or length that you need. The 12" connectors come in black only. We suggest that you use 1 for the 2' wide, 2 for the 3' wide and at least 3 for the 5' wide mats. Mix and match sizes to get the size you need.

Recommended Uses: Cooking Areas, Meat Departments, Bakery Departments, Bar Areas

Stock Sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 3', 3' x 5'

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-543-203-BL 2' x 3' x 7/8" 19 lbs
NT-543-303-BL 3' x 3' x 7/8" 29 lbs
NT-543-305-BL 3' x 5' x 7/8" 49 lbs
NT-543-203-RD 2' x 3' x 7/8" 19 lbs
NT-543-303-RD 3' x 3' x 7/8" 29 lbs
NT-543-305-RD 3' x 5' x 7/8" 49 lbs

    #543 Cushion-Tred Grease Proof Anti-fatigue Mats
  • MicroStop anti-microbial rubber
  • Large & small drain holes enhance worker safety.
  • Black mats are grease resistant. (1 yr warranty)
  • Red mats are grease proof (1 yr warranty)
  • Add your own beveled borders as needed. Sold Separately.
  • Beveled edges available 4 colors. See 551 Ramp System
  • Connect mats together using the mat connectors.
  • Overall thickness is 7/8"
Accessory Items:
SKU: NT-551

Modular Ramp System
100% Nitrile Rubber
Use with NT-543 Mats

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