#531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat

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531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat
531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat

Duckboard anti-slip drainage mats. The Safety Grid™ 531 wet area anti-slip drainage mats are perforated for safety when used in light or medium duty work stations. They feature a saw-tooth rough rail system that minimizes slipping creating comfortable safety floor mats.

Custom cut lengths of 2', 3' or 4' wide mats are available through customer service.

Colors: Blue, Gray, Black and Black-Yellow

Recommended Uses: Locker Rooms, Shower Areas, Light Duty – Wet Areas, Shipping Department

Lead times: Stock size mats usually ship in 3-4 business days and custom lengths take about 1-2 weeks to ship from the factory.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-531-240 2' x 40' x 1/2" Roll 102 lbs.
NT-531-340 3' x 40' x 1/2" Roll 151 lbs.
NT-531-440 4' x 40' x 1/2" Roll 205 lbs.

Custom length mats are available in 2', 3' & 4' widths up to 40 feet long. Call to order.

    #531 Safety Grid Duckboard Mat
  • Welded duckboard design
  • creates an elevated platform for safety and keeps traffic away from moisture
  • Creates an elevated platform for safety and dryness.
  • Rails molded with a saw-tooth design for traction.
  • 1/2" thick and lightweight.
  • The PVC vinyl compound resists chemicals, while providing an anti-slip surface and basic fatigue relief.
  • Durable for tough environments.
  • Custom sizes available in 2', 3' and 4' widths. Sold by the foot.
  • Contact customer service if you need multiple custom length mats.
  • Where to Use: The perfect choice for locker rooms, showers and pool areas.
  • Also good for shipping departments and other potentially damp or wet areas.
  • Shipping Location: Superior Manufacturing Group - Moselle, MS 39459