#345 Rubber Brush™ Mats or Fingertip Mats

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#345 Rubber Brush Mats
#345 Rubber Brush Mats#345 Rubber Brush Mats#345 Rubber Brush Mats

Solid SBR Rubber brush mats or Fingertip mats! These indoor or outdoor rubber mats are the most durable and effective rubber floor mats in the industry.

Strong, stiff rubber fingertips aggressively scrape the dirt and debris off the bottom of your customer or employee's shoes using thousands of flexible rubber fingers. A quality outdoor mat like these rubber fingertip mats is a must in any entryway with heavy traffic and debris.

Rubber brush fingertip mats are made up of thousands of tiny flexible rubber fingers that yield a reflexive scraping motion when pressure is applied. There is a beveled nosing on all four sides of the mat which creates a "moat" that traps moisture within the mat. Being made of solid, molded SBR rubber ensures the fingertip scrapers will remain flexible in the most extreme cold or harsh chemical exposure.

Available in black only. We're sorry but there are no custom sizes available on the rubber finger tip mats because of the way they are molded in manufacturing. Since these mats are fairly thick, be sure to double check your door clearance.

Recommended Uses for finger tip mats: Outdoor Entrances for schools or business | Office to Plant Passageways

Notes: Overall thickness of these outdoor rubber brush mats is a full 5/8" so please be sure to check door clearance.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-345-1624 16" x 24" 5 lbs.
NT-345-2432 24" x 36" 12 lbs.
NT-345-2846 28" x 46" 20 lbs.
NT-345-3239 32" x 39" 24 lbs.
NT-345-3660 36" x 60" 37 lbs.
NT-345-3672 36" x 72" 40 lbs.

    #345 Rubber Brush Mat
  • Rubber Brush Mats are perfect year round outdoor entrance mat for schools, municipal buildings, plant entrances, and office buildings.
  • Overall thickness 5/8" so please check for clearance.
  • SBR rubber remains flexible even in extreme cold.
  • Thousands of flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean.
  • Suction cups on underside help to minimize mat movement.
  • Molded beveled edging on all 4 sides traps moisture.
  • Can be used as an alternative for step 1 in our Stages™ 3-Step matting system.