#137 Opera™ 3-In-1 Matting System

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3 in 1 Entrance Mat System
3 in 1 Entrance Mat System3 in 1 Entrance Mat System3 in 1 Entrance Mat System3 in 1 Entrance Mat System

A NoTrax® exclusive: The Opera™ 3-in-1 matting system combines three functional mats into a single mat design.

The first part of the mat, zone 1, is a looped, non-absorbent, yarn designed to scrape debris and moisture from foot traffic. Then mat contents change in the middle of the mat, zone 2.

There the fabric combines looped scraper yarns with absorbent Decalon™ looped pile to start the drying process removing more moisture from the foot traffic.

Finally, zone 3 or the opposite end of the mat the material is a pure Decalon™ looped pile carpet fiber to complete the drying function giving you all three phases of the 15' rule built into one mat.

Now we know that the mats aren't 15' long but they would work excellent in areas that you either didn't have the room for all 15' of matting or for little feet such as elementary schools, etc. In addition, all of the yarns are color-coordinated to combine beauty and functionality and they really are perfectly suited for all large upscale entrances including offices, hotels and professional office buildings as well.

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-137-310 3' x 10' x 3/8" 26.0 lbs
NT-137-312 3' x 12' x 3/8" 30.0 lbs
NT-137-410 4' x 10' x 3/8" 33.0 lbs
NT-137-412 4' x 12' x 3/8" 39.0 lbs
NT-137-610 6' x 10' x 3/8" 49.0 lbs
NT-137-612 6' x 12' x 3/8" 58.0 lbs

    137 Opera™ 3-In-1 Matting System
  • Overall Thickness: 3/8"
  • Stock Sizes: 3' x 10', 3' x 12', 4' x 10', 4' x 12', 6' x 10', 6' x 12'
  • Exclusive 3-in-1 high performance entrance matting system.
  • Where to Use: All large, upscale entrances: offices, hotels, professional buildings.
  • All yarns are color-coordinated to combine beauty with functionality
  • Dense combination of scraping and absorbent yarns ensure maximum performance
  • 3/8" overall thickness for use in narrow clearance doorways
  • Vinyl backing helps reduce mat movement
  • Recommended product as a part of the GreenTRAX™ program for "Green Cleaning" environments
  • Available Colors: Burgundy, Brown, Hunter Green, Charcoal Black, Gray and Blue
  • Shipping Location: Calhoun, GA 30701