#265 Wayfarer Heavy Duty Outdoor Vinyl Looped Mat

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#265 Wayfarer
#265 Wayfarer #265 Wayfarer #265 Wayfarer

#265 Wayfarer, one of our best outdoor entrance mats. These outdoor mats are non-absorbent, heavy duty, vinyl backed, vinyl looped entrance mats.

The 3/8" thick #265 Wayfarer is a vinyl-loop outdoor mat with a color-coordinated solid-sheet vinyl back is part of the OptiMA Green product line. These are extremely durable and not only last a long time but look good for a long time too. Specially designed to dry quickly and resist mildew.

Heavy duty vinyl looped pile entrance mats with sufficient weight to stay in place. Mold and mildew resistant construction. Excellent drainage mats to take moisture out of the picture and keep dirt and residue from entering your building.

Soft and comfortable non-skid vinyl matting surface is excellent to place between warehouse and office entryways keeping warehouse dirt in the warehouse.

Colors: Gray, Black, Brown, Green, Navy Blue

Recommended Uses: Outdoor Entrance Ways, Office to Plant Passageway, Water Fountains, Schools, Pool Side

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-265-305 3' x 5' 12 lbs.
NT-265-406 4' x 6' 20 lbs.
NT-265-360 3' x 60' 150 lbs.
NT-265-460 4' x 60' 200 lbs.

    #265 Wayfarer
  • Heavy Duty Outdoor Vinyl Looped Mat
  • Extremely Durable 3/8" Inch thick.
  • Flexible vinyl looped construction.
  • Scrapes and cleans while trapping dirt & moisture.
  • Designed to dry quickly and resist mildew.
  • Thick vinyl backing resists movement.
  • Usable in industrial, commercial & residential applications.
  • Stock Sizes: 3' x 5' & 4' x 6' have a compressed edged on all four sides.
  • Full Rolls: 3' x 60' & 4' x 60' have a vinyl nosing on short ends.
  • Custom Lengths are available. Please contact customer service for assistance.