#231 Prelude™ Step 1 - Scrape Clean - Outdoor Mats

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Step 1 - Outdoor Mat
Step 1 - Outdoor MatStep 1 - Outdoor MatStep 1 - Outdoor Mat

Outdoor scraping mat. The Prelude Scrape Clean is a scraper mat that is placed outside the entrance to remove dirt and heavy debris from shoes.

An outdoor mat with a coarse loop-twisted non-absorbent fiber designed to scrape heavy debris and dirt from foot traffic before it gets through your doorway.

The #231 Prelude is step one of the Stages 3-Step Matting System that incorporates three different mats, an outdoor scraping mat, a foyer scraping and drying mat and an indoor drying mat.

Recommended Uses: Outdoor Entrance, Office to Plant Passageway, Grocery Stores-Produce Areas and Vending Machine Areas

Colors: Burgundy, Brown, Blue, Gray and Black.

Stock Number Mat Size* Weight (Lbs.)
NT-231-203 2' x 3' x 5/16" Mat 5.0 lbs.
NT-231-304 3' x 4' x 5/16" Mat 10.0 lbs.
NT-231-305 3' x 5' x 5/16" Mat 12.0 lbs.
NT-231-306 3' x 6' x 5/16" Mat 14.0 lbs.
NT-231-310 3' x 10' x 5/16" Mat 23.0 lbs.
NT-231-406 4' x 6' x 5/16" Mat 19.0 lbs.
NT-231-408 4' x 8' x 5/16" Mat 25.0 lbs.
NT-231-360 3' x 60' x 5/16" Roll 144.0 lbs.
NT-231-460 4' x 60' x 5/16" Mat 192.0 lbs.
NT-231-660 6' x 60' x 5/16" Roll 288.0 lbs.

*Available in custom lengths in 3', 4' and 6' widths. Contact customer service to order.

    #231 Prelude™ STEP 1 of the Stages™ 3-Step System
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone mat or as the first section of the Stages™ 3-step entrance matting system, the scraping mat.
  • A coarse loop-twisted non-absorbent fiber to scrape heavy debris from foot traffic.
  • Aggressive fibers resist crushing while entrapping debris and preventing it from entering the facility.
  • Can also be used as the first section of the OPERA™ entrance mat system.
  • A heavyweight vinyl non-slip backing ensures minimum movement.
  • Custom lengths available in 3', 4' & 6' widths. Please contact customer service for assistance.