Non-Slip & Slip Resistant Mats

Slip-Resistant Matting

These are some of the more difficult mats and accessories to find on the Internet.

Mat hold greatly reduces mat "creeping" the rubberized mesh pad adheres to floor and underside of vinyl backed carpet mats. Mat Hold is completely reversible and ensures an almost immobile mat yet does not transfer adhesive to carpet or tile.

Safety Trax uniquely designed self adhesive, slip resistant traction strips feature a silicon carbide embedded grit. Use Safety Trax anti-slip traction strips to increase friction in dangerous footing areas like ramps, incline walkways, passageways where normal slippery conditions may occur.

Clear Carpet Protector. Clear Trax carpet protector is a heavy duty, clear PVC ribbed top runner that protects carpeting from staining, dirt and debris created from foot traffic.

#045 Heavy Duty Weight Room Mats are heavy-duty rubber mats that absorb the crush of free weights while protecting the floor. Our weight room matting is designed to be extra tough in order not to buckle or curl under the extreme weights.

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Slip Resistant MattingSlip Resistant Matting

New! from OptiMA
Antibacterial and Slip Resistant

Vinyl Slip Resistant RunnersVinyl Slip Resistant Runners

Great for walkways, inclines and ramps in dry areas. 3' and 4' rolls.

Mat Hold Mat Hold

Stops vinyl backed mats from Creeping!

Clear Trax Carpet ProtectorClear Trax Carpet Protector

1/8" thick Clear Traxô provides attractive, durable carpet protection. Gripper teeth on underside lock into carpeting.

Slip Resistant Traction StripsSlip Resistant Traction Strips

Special Non-Slip, non-skid traction strips with self-adhesive backing for areas like ramps, incline walkways, passageways.

Weight Room MatsWeight Room Mats

Solid rubber matting. 1/2" and 3/4" heavy-duty rubber mat absorbs the crush of free weights while protecting the floor.

Soil Guard Rubber MatSoil Guard Rubber Mat

Don't Rent! Own it for Less!
Solid Rubber Mat

Traction Hog IITraction Hog II

Grease Proof, Oil Proof, Chemical Resistant.
Lifetime Anti-Microbial Treatment!

Anti-Fatigue Anti-Slip mats for Wet Areas Anti-Fatigue Anti-Slip mats for Wet Areas

Safety anti-slip mats for wet or moist work areas.

Anti-Slip Runner MatsAnti-Slip Runner Mats

Anti-slip runner safety matting. Industrial low profile rubber and vinyl runner mats.

Food Service Anti Slip Kitchen MatsFood Service Anti Slip Kitchen Mats

What could make a slippery food service kitchen safer than the proper mats?

Outdoor Anti-Slip Entrance MatsOutdoor Anti-Slip Entrance Mats

Protect your entrances from slip and fall accidents with the proper outdoor safety mats.

Shower Area MatsShower Area Mats

Stop slipping accidents with safety shower area matting. Showers, saunas, pool or simply damp floor areas.