Commercial Food Service Mats

Food Service Matting

Food Service Anti-Fatigue Mats. The restaurant floor mats below are great options for the foodservice industry, but can also be used in most industrial locations as a nonslip anti-fatigue mat.

This collection of food service mats will fill any of your restaurant matting needs. We have mats for individual prep stations, runner mats for behind counters or for longer runs and interlocking mats for customized shapes and sizes.

These mats are available in grease-resistant and grease-proof rubber rubber compounds. The drainage holes and textured tops keep fluids from the surface and provide traction.

Some of our food service floor mats from Superior Manufacturing are manufactured with MicroStop™ antimicrobial rubber compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment.

These food service drainage floor mats are designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip resistant work surface. The construction of the rubber floor mat allows the drainage floor mats to grip the floor while providing traction for the worker.

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Traction Hog IITraction Hog II

Grease Proof, Oil Proof, Chemical Resistant.
Lifetime Anti-Microbial Treatment!

#543 Cushion-Tred#543 Cushion-Tred

Heavy duty 7/8" Grease Proof Mats .

#551 M.D. Ramp System#551 M.D. Ramp System

Modular Ramp System
100% Nitrile Rubber
Use with NT-543 Mats

#544 Comfort Zone#544 Comfort Zone

Single station Red & Black mats
BEST Rating!

Grease Proof Mats Grease Proof Mats

Grease proof (Red) or
Grease resistant (Black)
BETTER Rating!

Nitrile Rubber Runner Food Service MatNitrile Rubber Runner Food Service Mat

Grease proof rubber runner
full rolls or custom lengths

#758 Niru Knob-Top Runner#758 Niru Knob-Top Runner

100% Nitrile rubber compound
Chemical, grease, oil, & animal fat resistant
BEST Rating!

Grease Proof MatsGrease Proof Mats

Black mats are chemical and grease resistant with a one year warranty. Red Nitrile rubber mats are grease proof and have a three-year warranty.