your first step toward a green building!

Green Building Suggestions

Looking to create a Green Building? We can help. How? With an effective entrance matting system. Over three quarters of the dirt, dust and contaminates in a building come in through the door on people's feet, damaging carpets, tile floors and simply adding cost to the building's maintenance. It's been estimated that one square yard of carpet can accumulate a pound or more of dirt in just one week. In most buildings the cost of maintaining the floors is the single largest cost of cleaning. Removing a single pound of dirt from a building can cost more than $600!

Therefore an effective matting system can not only protect the occupants of your building, it can protect your bottom line and the environment at the same time! You can keep all of this dirt at the door and out of your building without the use of any harsh cleaning chemicals or electricity consumption. Just think about how many chemicals it takes to strip and refinish a floor, clean a carpet or just mopping your floors. An effective matting system is your first step to a Green Building!

All Green industry experts agree that entrance matting plays a significant role in the success of a green cleaning program, in other words entrance floor matting is a tool used to achieve a greener facility, it is not a green product itself.

This selection of mats make up our own OptiMA eco-friendly line of "green cleaning mats" These mats are all manufactured by US Green Building Council members and are a necessary component of green building certification. These mats do not need to be installed or cleaned with harmful chemicals and the quality of these mats contributes to a longer lasting and better performing mat.

To qualify for the OptiMA Eco Friendly product line all mats have to meet several criteria:

1. The mats must be our most effective at both scraping and trapping dirt and moisture from foot traffic.
2. These mats must be able to be installed and cleaned without harmful chemicals.
3. All mats must rate high in minimizing slip and fall hazards with dirt and water retention and solid footing.
4. Mats must be eligible for credit on the LEED green building checklist.
5. The mats must be among our most durable mats. When a mat wears out, it becomes ineffective and gets thrown out adding to an already growing landfill problem.

Eco-Friendly "Green Cleaning" Outdoor Entrance MatsEco-Friendly "Green Cleaning" Outdoor Entrance MatsOutdoor floor mats stop dirt before it enters the building by scraping off the snow, slush and dirt from your shoes.
Eco-Friendly "Green Cleaning" Indoor Entrance MatsEco-Friendly "Green Cleaning" Indoor Entrance MatsIndoor floor mats remove remaining dirt and dry the your feet while trapping moisture.
Eco-Friendly Office Chair MatsEco-Friendly Office Chair MatsOur office chair mats are much more Eco-Friendly than traditional PVC chair mats because they're made with a high quality polycarbonate material.