Retractable Tape Stanchions and Rope Stanchions for Crowd Control

Crowd Control Products

We offer a full line of crowd control stanchions including the very popular, self-reeling, retractable belt stanchions and of course the classic colored soft velour rope stanchions.

We also offer a full line of hard to find stanchion signs pre-printed and easy to order. We have a huge assortment of stanchion signs. The acrylic, 7" wide x 11" high signage with cut vinyl lettering. Signage is fully ADA compliant.

Crowd control stanchions and barriers can be used in movie theaters, banks, retail stores, restaurants and so much more. They can also be used as barriers. Put them across areas where you don't want people to go such as aisles with fork trucks in operation or areas with fresh paint.