Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Industrial anti-fatigue mats. You need the right industrial anti-fatigue mat for different types of applications such as dry or wet working environments.

If you're working in a dry location, now you can choose your desired level of comfort with our complete line of industrial work mats. Select the #979 at 1" thick, the #975 at 3/4" thick or the more economical #479 at 9/16" thickness with a vinyl top. All come with RedStop™, a uniquely engineered technology that eliminates slipping and sliding. Marble and rubber top mats are also available.

Food service professionals require another kind of fatigue mat. Our food service mats are used in professional kitchens in some of America's finest restaurants and institutions.

Welding Mats: We offer excellent anti-fatigue welding mats that are made to be used in welding areas. The Safety Stance safety mat is one our most heavy duty weld mats. Another popular option is the #447 Bubble Top Comfort Eze.

Household Kitchen Mats: Does your back start to ache while working in the kitchen? Mine did; That is until I brought home one of our household anti-fatigue mats. Look under the household section shown below.

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Interlocking MatsInterlocking Mats

Interlocking, Rubber Mats
Wet or Dry Applications

Cushion Trax® Ultra™Cushion Trax® Ultra™

VINYL -3/4" Thick
3 Yr. Warranty

#479 Cushion Trax®#479 Cushion Trax®

VINYL - 9/16" Thick
3 Yr. Warranty

Saddle Trax™ Grande™Saddle Trax™ Grande™

VINYL - 1" Thick
3 Yr. Warranty

#490 Dura-Trax™#490 Dura-Trax™

RUBBER - 9/16" Thick
3 Yr. Warranty

#990 Dura Trax™ Grande™#990 Dura Trax™ Grande™

RUBBER - 1" Thick
3 Yr. Warranty

NoTrax #470 Marble Sof-TyleNoTrax #470 Marble Sof-Tyle

A Top Seller! 1/2" Smooth Rubber Top

970 Marble Sof-Tyle™ Grande™970 Marble Sof-Tyle™ Grande™

Top Seller!
1" Thick w/ Rubber Top.

NoTrax® #410 Airug™NoTrax® #410 Airug™

Light Duty - Dry Area
3/8" Thick Closed Cell PVC Slip Resistance & Antifatigue Relief

#411 Sof-Tred™#411 Sof-Tred™

3/8" Embossed Top Surface
Light Duty - Dry Area

NoTrax® #419 Diamond Sof-Tred™NoTrax® #419 Diamond Sof-Tred™

1/2" Thick Sponge Diamond Deck Plate

NoTrax®  #415 Shielded Sof-Tred™NoTrax® #415 Shielded Sof-Tred™

3/8" Pebble top, Acrylic coated
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#466 Happy Feet™ Anti-Fatigue Mat#466 Happy Feet™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Static, Oil/Grease Proof
Nitrile Rubber Texture Surface

#549 Safety Stance™#549 Safety Stance™

7/8" 100% Nitrile Rubber.
Grease Resistant
O.S.H.A. Colored Borders

Runner MatsRunner Mats

Vinyl and Rubber Runner Mats
Extra Long Anti-fatigue rolls

#447 Comfort-Eze™ Bubble Top#447 Comfort-Eze™ Bubble Top

3/8" Thickness Bubble top and offset bubble bottom.

Food Service MattingFood Service Matting

Matting for the Restaurant and Food Service Industry.

Welding MatsWelding Mats

Corrugated SBR rubber.
Excellent safety mat.

Wet Anti-Fatigue MatsWet Anti-Fatigue Mats

Moisture, Oils, Etc.