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Commercial Entrance Mats

Heavy duty commercial entrance mats from MatsEtc.com are an essential first step to a cleaner building. Properly placed, heavy duty entrance mats will stop dirt at the door keeping your establishment cleaner and more presentable while actually lowering your overall cleaning cost. In addition they can also aid in the prevention of costly and painful slip and fall accidents.

Entrance mats come in a wide variety of styles and quality. The term commercial means that they are manufactured to withstand far greater volumes of foot traffic than cheaper, store bought mats. Just like in fine linens or other fabrics the thread counts and weights of the yarns will be much higher in a commercial grade entrance mat so they will last much longer. We have some clients in the local are like the Westborough Town Hall and Westborough High School that have 117 Heritage Rib™ and 118 Arrow Trax™ mats still in service that they purchased from us over 10 years ago.

Your new commercial matting will work better if you use your mats correctly. There needs to be a system in place that removes dirt and moisture from your feet but this requires a series of different style mats to work effectively.

First you need an outdoor mat whose job is to remove the heavy dirt, snow and contaminates from the soles of your shoes. These mats are non-absorbent and are usually a scraping mat. Next comes the foyer area where a combination scraping and drying mat is used. This mat removes the finer particles of dirt and snow, etc. and begins the drying process. Finally is the indoor mat which is designed to finish the drying process. Sometimes this type of multiple mat system is not possible so you'll want the interior mat to be as long in length as possible. Questions about commercial entrance mats? Give us a call. We can help.

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