#826 Diamond Stat™ Anti-Static Floor Mats with Grounding Cord

product features

  • Grounded Anti-Static Mats
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Has both anti-fatigue & anti-static properties.
  • 9/16" thick laminated floor mat.
  • Top surface is diamond deck-plate for traction.
  • Surface & cushion bonded with UniFusion technology. Beveled on all sides.
  • Standard with a grommet inset for grounding cord. 15' Grounding Cord included with each mat.
  • Custom lengths available in 3' widths and sold by the linear foot. Please contact customer service for assistance.
  • Where to Use: Assembly or testing areas for circuitry: computers, chips, electronics of all kinds.
  • Shipping Location: Moselle, MS 39459.
Stock NumberMat SizeWeight (Lbs.)
NT-826-2032' x 3'9
NT-826-3053' x 5'16
NT-826-3123' x 12'38
NT-826-3753' x 75'320
NT-826-CUS-33' Custom Lengthsn/a
Item Code: NT-826
Sizes Available: 
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product description

Heavy duty anti-static mats with grounding cord grommet. These conductive mats are formulated to absorb static electricity and to perform as an anti-fatigue mat at the same time.

If static electricity is left unchecked, static will pass from the worker to sensitive equipment (ESD Electrostatic Discharge) potentially creating damage to computer chips and electronic circuitry. These heavy duty anti-static mats safely drain the static from the worker thereby safeguarding equipment.

For maximum effectiveness, we highly recommend that the end-user properly attaches the grounding cord which is included at no charge. It easily snaps into a grommet which is installed in the mat at our factory.