#680 Safety Trax™ Slip Resistant Self Adhesive Traction Strips and Rolls

product features

  • Durable silicon-carbide surface.
  • Provides slip resistance inside or out.
  • Great for stairs, ramps or anywhere traction is needed.
  • Pressure adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Optional sealing compound for harsher environments.
Stock NumberSurface Size
NT-680-1601" x 60' Roll
NT-680-2602" x 60' Roll
NT-680-3603" x 60' Roll
NT-680-4604" x 60' Roll
NT-680-6606" x 60' Roll
NT-680-126012" x 60' Roll
NT-680-246024" x 60' Roll
NT-680-3424.75" x 24" 50 pack
NT-680-55555.5" x 5.5" 50 pack
NT-680-6246" x 24" 50 pack
Item Code: NT-680
Sizes Available: 
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product description

Safety Trax uniquely designed self adhesive, slip resistant traction strips feature a silicon carbide embedded grit. Use Safety Trax anti-slip traction strips to increase friction in dangerous footing areas like ramps, incline walkways, passageways where normal slippery conditions may occur.

Product Specifications: Silicon-carbide top surface: as the top surface wears; the silicon carbide continues to “chip” providing a non-slip surface for longer service life.

Pressure adhesive backing: affords easy peel and stick installation on clean dry areas.

Optional 5 oz. tube of edge sealing compound is recommended for all applications exposed to water, grease or oil.

Be sure that the area is completely dry and clean before applying the "peel and stick" backing or the optional sealing compound or they will not work properly!

Colors: Black Only