#447 Comfort-Eze™ Bubble Top Anti-fatigue Rubber Mats

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Comfort-Eze Bubble Top
Comfort-Eze Bubble TopComfort-Eze Bubble TopComfort-Eze Bubble Top

Bubble top anti-fatigue rubber mat with a solid rubber bubble top and bottom construction that promotes air flow, worker comfort and product longevity. At 5/16" thick these safety rubber mats provide comfort throughout the day.

*The 30" x 30" has beveled edges on 3 sides only. **The 30" x 10' & 20' mat consists of multiple 30 x 60 mats bonded together.

The bubble top and offset bubble bottom allow for air circulation enhancing the ergonomic effects.

Colors: Black Only (BL) - No custom sizes available.

Recommended Uses: Packaging Stations | Quality Inspection Areas | Shipping Departments | Light to Medium Duty Dry Areas

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-447-2436 "24" x 36" x 3/8" 10 lbs.
NT-447-3030 "30" x 30" x 3/8" 10 lbs.
NT-447-3060 "30" x 60" x 3/8" 20 lbs.
NT-447-3010 "30" x 10' x 3/8" 40 lbs.
NT-447-3020 "30" x 20' x 3/8" 80 lbs.

    #447 Comfort-Eze Bubble Top Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Long lasting rubber construction.
  • Air filled bubbles maximize flex.
  • Offset bubbles on top & bottom for max comfort.
  • Beveled on all 4 sides.
  • Overall thickness is 3/8 Inch.
  • Competitive products feature only a flat or hollowed bottom which reduces the comfort of the mat.
  • Where to Use: Dry applications where there is a good deal of pivoting required.
  • Shipping Location: Chicago, IL 60638