#168 Opus Interior Entrance Mat High Traffic, High Moisture

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#168 Opus High Moisture Entrance Mat
#168 Opus High Moisture Entrance Mat#168 Opus High Moisture Entrance Mat#168 Opus High Moisture Entrance Mat

The #168 Opus AquaTRU Series are rubber backed entrance mats for heavy traffic and high moisture areas.

#168 Opus high moisture mat features a non-directional diamond pattern which is perfect for busy entrance areas. Rubber backed, one-piece construction with a patented raised perimeter or "Aqua Dam" which forms a tray that actually traps water and dirt keeping it off the floor.

Mat stays dry and functional even under the wettest of conditions. 1/4" Thick Rubber Backing with molded rubber ribs reduces mat "creeping" or movement.

Colors: Burgundy, Brown, Slate Blue, Hunter-Green and Charcoal. Gray has been discontinued. 32 Ounces of carpet per square yard making this an ideal mat for heavy traffic areas.

Recommended Uses: Indoor Entrances - Hallways/Aisle Ways - Upscale/Decorative - Other indoor heavy traffic - Heavy moisture areas

Stock Number Mat Size Weight (Lbs.)
NT-168-203 2' x 3' x 3/8" Mat 7 lbs.
NT-168-304 3' x 4' x 3/8" Mat 13 lbs.
NT-168-305 3' x 5' x 3/8" Mat 16 lbs.
NT-168-406 4' x 6' x 3/8" Mat 29 lbs.
NT-168-310 3' x 10' x 3/8" Mat 32 lbs.
NT-168-410 4' x 10' x 3/8" Mat 48 lbs.

No Custom Sizes

    #168 Opus High Moisture Entrance Mat
  • Compare to the Waterhog Eco Premier Mat by Andersen Mat.
  • Colors: Brown, Slate Blue, Hunter Green and Charcoal
  • Diamond pattern facilitates scraping and drying.
  • Pattern is designed for non-directional traffic flows.
  • Molded rubber cleats reduce slipping.
  • Aqua dam sides keep water off of your floors.
  • 32 oz. tufted yarn per yard.
  • 3/8" pile carpet fits under low swinging doors.
  • Mats are molded true to size.
  • Sorry stock sizes only - no custom sizes available.
  • Where to Use: The pattern design is intended for areas where foot traffic is random and non-directional.
  • Shipping Location: Chicago, IL 60638